French Martini – Southbank

Girls night out on a Tuesday at French Martini.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to join a few girl friends for dinner at French Martini.   They heard about the restaurant’s 50% off special for the month of February so decided to organise a dinner gathering.  I feel quite lucky to have met many great friends who enjoy eating food just as much as me or even more!

We shared several dishes and a bottle of wine.  We ordered 3 entrees (oven-baked camembert, pâté, mussels), 3 mains (steak, fish, duck) and a crème brûlée dessert between the 4 of us and I think the waitress thought we ordered too much.  She kind of forgot about our 3rd main.  Maybe she thought we couldn’t eat that much food.  Anyway, we ended up having to remind them about our 3rd main.  We didn’t have to wait for long for it to come so it was okay.

Here are the photos of the food…

The only photo that is missing below is of the crème brûlée dessert.  We were all quite full and thought we should be good and just order a small dessert to share.







Overall, I really enjoyed eating at this restaurant.  Great food with great company.  Was a pretty good way to end a busy working day.   Even better when it was 50% off the bill.

French Martini

Address: Little Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD 4101


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