Marinara Cafe & Restaurant

A nice Italian cafe and restaurant in Hawthorne, Brisbane.   I hardly eat on this side of town, but a friend decided to give this place a go since she heard it was a pretty good Italian restaurant from another friend.     Indeed, this place was good.

We ordered some Kilpatrick oysters, a bruschetta pizza and a seafood pasta to share.  I’ve adjusted the filter on the photos as it was quite dark where we were sitting.  The mood of the place was quite warm and cosy.  Perfect for comfort food like pizza and pasta.




Anyway, the food here is good and service is also great (the waiters are quite good looking – :D).   The only downside is probably the salt.   My friend thinks that they were quite heavy on the salt in all meals and I agree.   I would definitely give this place another go if I’m on that side of town.  It was quite convenient for me at the time since I was only a couple of ferry stops across the river.

Marinara Cafe & Restaurant 

Address: 254 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne.


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