Thai Rose

Thai Rose is one of my favourite Thai restaurants for lunch in Brisbane.  I used to go here at least once a week when I worked at the Gabba (Woollongabba) years ago.  I started going back here when I ended up working in the same building again at the start of the year.

The lunch deal was the best to order here.  You get to choose dinner dishes at lunch time prices.   You can choose a curry or stir fry dish with 1, 2 or 3 entrees.   It’ll cost you was around $11-$14 for lunch.

This is beef red curry with 2 entrees; steamed dim sim and satay chicken stick.  Pretty good deal and decent size serving.  I think I paid around $12.50 for this meal.  Usually I order duck with my red curry, but they didn’t have duck for lunch specials.


I sometimes find it hard to finish their stir fry noodle dishes like Pad Thai. The lunch size here is about 1.5-2 meals for me. Worth a try when you’re really hungry.

Thai Rose


Address: 2 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102


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