Pineapple Express

For those who are fit and health conscious, Pineapple Express is the perfect place for you. This cafe is situated on Portside Hamilton on the block across from Ginga Sushi Restaurant.

We’ve been here a few times for coffee and breakfast.  I think it’s quite nice, but to me I think the meals and drinks are quite easy to make at home yourself. The place serve simple and clean dishes which makes you feel good after your meal.   You won’t feel sick or guilty after eating at this place.   I like going here when I’m lazy to make breakfast.  I also like their Campos coffee blend, which is a bonus.   I’m quite picky with my coffee.

Definitely a place you should try if you’re lazy to make a healthy breakfast yourself or if you just want to find a place to hang out and have brunch with friends.

This was what I had awhile ago. Quite delicious.  When they first opened, we had free coconut frozen yogurt.  It was very nice.


Pineapple Express


Address:9 Hercules St, Hamilton QLD 4007


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