Reef Seafood and Sushi

Seafood and sushi joint at Gasworks was okay; pretty average.   I’ve been here a several times for sushi and a couple of times to try their seafood platters.  The place itself is pretty nice, however I think the dishes are just a little bit more expensive compared to other places in the Brisbane city that sells sushi or close to your local fish and chips shops.

Here is a photo of the seafood platter shared between a group of 5 (girls).  From memory, it was just enough or there were way too much chips for us all.   Despite the price, the seafood is still good.  Not ‘wow’, but good.  I do like their sushi more their their seafood area.  The sushi looks and taste quite fresh.

I wanted more fresh seafood as opposed to the deep fried seafood from the platter deal.   There were just way too much chips!!


All in all, I don’t mind going to this place to chill out with a few friends.  It has a nice eating out kind of atmosphere.

Restaurant: Reef Seafood and Sushi


LocationGasworks Plaza, Tenancy A1-d Gaswork Towers, 76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead QLD 4006


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