Bishamon is another Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.

I went with a friend here for dinner probably just after my Japan trip.  I think I was going through some holiday withdrawals and really wanted Japanese food.  However,  I think I would consider Bishamon as a “modern Japanese restaurant” as opposed to like Hosokawa, Sono or Kabuki where they present themselves more traditionally (well, I think anyway).

The menu here is quite big.  I found it very difficult to choose what I wanted at first (Okay, I admit it.  I am indecisive).  The meals was also very big (decent portion); and it was quite affordable as well compared to the other Japanese restaurants mentioned.  To me when it comes to Japanese food, I think it should look clean, simple, and small. The serving here, did not look clean, or simple or small – well the dishes we’ve ordered anyway.  I think they were designed for sharing.  So you kind of need to go with a big group for dinner at this place. My friend and I were both struggling to finish all of the meals.

For entree we ordered one of their chicken karaage or teriyaki (I forgot) and the croquettes (korokke) on special that night.

I didn’t realised that they would serve us salad with the chicken as well.  My first thought when I saw the chicken dish was; “OMG, that’s like an actual lunch meal.  Not really an entree”.


The croquettes were quite nice from memory.  Though, I think it was just a little bit too much potato.  Croquettes are normally already filled with potato and yet the ones we’ve order were also surrounded by mash potato.  I just thought there were just way too much POTATO on this entree. Potato, potato and more potato.


For the main, we decided on beef (something).  Thinly sliced beef covered in teriyaki sauce and mushrooms.  It came with rice, miso soup, fried garlic chips? (ew) and 4 different kind of sauces.  I wasn’t sure if the sauces were necessary as the beef was covered in so much sauce already (or the sauces was for our croquettes – I honestly don’t remember).


Overall, I guess the food was pretty nice.  I think I would go back here and actually try their sushi and sukiyaki.  Something more traditional.  Then maybe, I would not consider this place too “modern”.

Restaurant: Bishamon
Location: 500 Boundary St, Spring Hill QLD 4000


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  1. I was thinking I hadn’t been here but I had. You’re right it is quite contemporary. Good though!

    1. cookiejen says:

      It’s a bit hidden away in Springhill. Not really the area I go out for dinner often.

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